Francisco Nieto Salazar
co-Founder, Developer

sleek-geek is a Bay Area edtech start with deep roots in the classroom.  Founded by two tech-loving teachers and one web developer, sleek-geek knows what schools, teachers and students need to succeed in today’s educational landscape.

Our mission: to develop touchable curriculum and tools for teachers and students based on real needs. Years of classroom experience across the grades guide the development of  apps that are relevant and engaging, while fulfilling curricular and assessment needs.

Reina Sofia Cabezas
Content Development, co-Founder, Badass.

We will be expanding in the following months, and seeking new partnerships, so feel free to contact us. Drop us a comment below!

We are currently developing apps for Reading assessment,  literacy skills, Math skills, and English Development skills.

JeanCarl Bisson, Co-founder, Web Guru

Our first app, Read With Me, is a web-based app to replace running records with an all-digital solution built for mobile devices in mind.

2 responses to “About

  1. went looking on the app store for ElDcoder. looks interesting. looking for classroom teachers for beta testing? letme know. good luck. looking forward to the market ready product!!!

  2. New to SF with my husband, a designer. The fact that you guys are replacing running records is just thee best news 🙂 woohoo! I will never forget my first experience of completing running records… tears…. tantrums….confusion and that was me, not the kids! Excited to see your product.
    I have been teaching and tutoring for 7 years and I am mad about Phonics, Literacy, Reading 🙂 I am currently writing an ibook for Phonics to share my love for teaching it and feel there are gaps in the market for more and more reading / phonics programs. If you are ever seeking a teacher evangelist type person, I would jump at this opportunity 🙂
    Great work guys 🙂

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