elDCoder is an iPad app hosted by Elly and Ellmer, two English Language Leaners who lead students through games and challenges to help them gain proficiency in English listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. They play and you assess. They learn and you monitor growth.

Twins Elly and Ellmer will take students along on their travels, and teach them English language skills in four areas of proficiency. Beginner, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, and Early Advanced, using California’s English Language Development Standards and the WIDA Standards–specifically focusing on those areas most overlooked when considering the language acquisition needs of second language learners from Latin America.

elDcoder is currently being developed by teachers of English Language Learners to help achieve language proficiency that is often overlooked in many classrooms. We know as teachers we have many different levels of English Proficiency and would love effective tools to help those kids catch up quick, and those who are on the cusp, make the final push.

Guided by game design theories, we are working on making the act of language acquisition a more rewarding process. After working with elDcoder, students should be able to raise their proficiency level, such as the CELDT in California, and others.

elDcoder features:

+ Save player data

+ View Reports

+ Listening Games and Challenges

+ Record and Playback interactive dialogues

Assess student growth and proficiency while they play…

Reading and Journal Writing

Repsond to a wide variety of scenarios and language functions.

The airport is the point of departure and central to Elly and Ellmer’s travels.

Look at the screen shots below to get an idea of elDcoder:

Listenting Comprehension levels will challenge ELL students to move through appropriate levels of vocabulary and language forms.

The Focus of elDcoder is to tackle the language patterns that are most problematic for second language learners, and the language forms that hold them back from full English Proficiency.

elDcoder makes it easy to add and edit student information in a graphic interface that is both teacher-friendly and robust in terms of providing data to inform instruction.

Students will unlock rewards as they move through a series of games and challenges.

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