sleek-geek joins Manos Accelerator!

Sleek-geek is proud to announce that we will be participating in the inaugural cohort of the Manos Accelerator this fall.

Read The Press Release below!


“It’s been a really exciting ride and I can’t wait to see where our next adventure will take us,” said JeanCarl Bisson, co-founder and web developer at sleek-geek, inc.


The team of two teachers and a web developer met last summer at the AT&T Mobile Education Hackathon in Palo Alto. They designed and built a prototype of Read With Me App, a digital reading assessment tool for teachers. Less than 24 hours later, they had won first place.


Since then, they have launched a web version, native iOS app, and on Edmodo and Chalkable. The iOS app gives teachers the ability to record the student reading and play audio back for the student to listen to and self-reflect on misread words.


This past summer, they have been working hard to bring a second app,, to life. is a behavior management tracking tool that is designed to eliminate the endless piles of paperwork and involve the student and parents in the process of recognizing and resolving behavior issues in the classroom before it interrupts the student’s learning process.


“After reading assessments and the endless papers we solved, we felt the referral system needed improvement,” said Francisco Nieto, teacher and developer. “We really want to help the students focus and keep learning.”


Manos Accelerator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program that provides “hands-on” education, business resources, infrastructure, capital, and guidance for promising startup companies led by Latinos, moving them onto a fast track to success.


Manos Accelerator is a first of its kind accelerator targeting Latino entrepreneurs who are generally under-represented in early-stage ventures. Over 70 teams from around the world applied for the three month program. Sleek-geek was one of only six teams to be selected.


“I’m really excited to have the Sleek-geek team participate in our accelerator program,” said Edward Avila, co-founder and CEO of Manos Accelerator.  “They have real insight to problems in the education system and they are developing solutions to solve these problems.”


Participants of the program will be mentored by fellow Latino advisors, will be taught the skills of a successful entrepreneur, have access to free office space in downtown San Jose, and most importantly, connections to investors.


“This is what a young startup looks forward to,” Bisson said. “We can’t wait to move to the next step so we can see our dream come true with easy to use tools in the classroom saving teachers time and improving how students learn.”


For more information on Read With Me App ( and (, please contact

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